Something fishy about this

“A goal is a dream with a deadline…”


Most will be aware of my love for Japanese pens. Unfortunately, it is not that simple, they make paints as well. Gansai (顔彩) is traditional Japanese watercolour and is different from Western watercolour (水彩). In general watercolour paints are pretty simple. They consist of pigment and a binder, usually gum arabic from the sap of the Acaccia senegal tree. Gansai is a bit more complex. These paints contain pigment, binder, starch, beeswax, sugar syrup and glue. The glue is the collagen and gelatin from slow boiled fish skin. Weirdly, if this paint is in a circular pan, it is referred to as teppatsu (鉄鉢). It can make ordering from Japanese websites pretty challenging. These paints also behave differently. They are more opaque, not friendly for colour mixing and dry with a gloss finish, rather than matte. #sushipaints #letsmakelemonade

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