Dust in the wind

“Writers may be classified as meteors, planets or fixed stars…”

Arthur Schopenhauer

We are surrounded by non terrestrial objects. Debris from the atmospheric break up of asteroids and comets, the shooting stars we see in the sky, is more abundant than you think. The pecking order for this material is meteors, meteorites, micrometeorites and interplanetary dust particles. These space rocks are often identified by their high iron content, something that will become important later. Jansen published a groundbreaking paper in 2016, which changed our relationship with micrometeorites (<1mm), they are everywhere! Space rocks such as seen above, can be found on most domestic roofs with a handheld magnet. If you are successful in your search, the object in your hand will be billions of years old and likely from Mars. #offtofindamagnet #letsmakelemonade

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