The cheese-grater and me

“The sun never saw how great it was until it stuck the side of a building…”

Louis Kahn

Woods Bagot architects were the the designers of the amazing SAHMRI building. Opened in late 2013, this is the iconic building of the North Terrace health care precinct. It’s neighbour the new RAH cost a lot more but is pretty unresolved, which is Grand Designs speak for ugly. Contrastingly. this structure floats above the ground and the interior space with glass lifts and a seven storey atrium is stunning. The curved internal staircase evokes the Guggenheim museum in NYC. At certain times of the day it is magical. One of the faclilities housed in the SAHMRI is a world class centre for the treatment and research into CML. Two years ago this week this building became a key part of my life. It nevers fails to impress me when I enter. I am very fortunate to have access to such a place. #sofarsogood #thankstimandnaranie #letsmakelemonade

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