Having a Japanese moment

“If we study Japanese art, we see a man who studies a single blade of grass…”

Vincent Van Gogh

I like images and topics for this blog that tie together several of my threads of interest. This painting does just that. I love the influence of Japan over stationery , writing and pens. I also greatly admire the passion and colour of Van Gogh. The final factor is my wife. This work, Almond Blossom, was painted in 1890 and is one Melissa’s favourite pieces of art. Van Gogh never visited Japan, his series of works known as his Japonaiserie, were inspired by a series of illustrations by Felix Regamey publshed in Le Monde. Most Japanese paintings use watercolours and wood block techniques. Not so for Vincent, he used handbrushes, fluid marks and vivid oil paints. It was a first hint of what his art would later become. #vangoghalive #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “Having a Japanese moment

  1. I love the Japanese aesthetic too. Started metalsmithing years ago and have a great appreciation for their amazing skills in using multiple metals and techniques in the art of sword fittings – tsuba, fuchi kashira etc. Your blossoms remind me – somewhere I have a metal business card holder with a laser cut of this pattern in the front – must find it.


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