Travel has never been easy

“I’ve been homesick for places I have never been to…”

John Cheever

In the last couple of years most of us have experienced travel disappointment. It is easy to overlook that through most of human history, travel has been far from easy, and usually long, tedious, dangerous and expensive. Take the 17th century painter Nicola Poussin. He had heard reports of the ancient art of Rome. He was particularly taken with the wonderful marble sculptures and reliefs. Poussin first left Paris for Rome in 1618, but several months later abandoned the trip after a carriage accident in Florence. In 1622 he tried again, only reaching Lyon where he fell ill with syphyllis. Undaunted in 1624 he finally arrived in the Eternal City. There after meticulous study, works such as the Borghese Dancers later became the masterpiece A Dance to the Music of Time. #thirdtimethecharm #letsmakelemonade

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