Art, bird, sanctuary

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence…”

Robert Lynd

We have spoken before of the East Asian Australasian Flyover. This is the name given to the route flown annually by migratory shorebirds, from their artic breeding grounds to the southern beaches of Australia and New Zealand. These small birds cannot survive a harsh northern winter. They must move. They achieve this by travelling in vast numbers, doubling their weight and navigating using mountain ranges, stars, wind currents and even the magnetic forces of the earth. The Overwintering Project is an Australian initiative to recognise and support these birds. Scores of both professional and amateur artists produce works celebrating shorebirds. A series of physical and online exhibitions are the result, including one at our own South Australain Museum. The images vary in style, technique and skill, but are highly engaging. Profits from sale of the pieces fund unique shorebird research. #letsmakelemonade

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