You could hear a pin drop

“I am afraid that concerts spoil people for everyday life…”

LM Montgomery

Reverberation time (RT) is the duration from when a sound source ceases emitting energy, to the moment when it becomes inaudible. A long RT will mean a space will be full of overlapping echoes and will feel noisy and crowded. In a restaurant or bar such a buzz is not undesirable. Conversely, a minimal RT produces an anechoic space and sound produced within will be unpleasantly dead. Recording studios for classical music generally have RT around 2.0 seconds. Larger concert halls for live performances struggle to do as well given the bigger volumes. The Ukaria Multicultural Centre at Mt Barker is an exceptional space, both architecturally and acoustically. The 220 seat performance space has tight RT of 1.5 seconds. Achieving this goal requires a lot of design and it is worth experiencing yourself. As an aside the target RT for operating theatres is 0.6, so all can clearly hear the pearls of wisdom as they emanate from the surgical voice. #amazingvenue #letsmakelemonade

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