Are we really alone?

“The milky way is nothing but a sea of innumerable stars…”

Galileo Galilei

Some of my closest friends and colleagues are super keen astral photographers. Up all night in weird locations for the prefect shot. Most of their images are riffs on various moods of the Milky Way galaxy. This galaxy appears from earth as a band, but is in fact a broad disk. With the naked eye it appears as solid brushstroke of light, but in 1610 Galileo used his telescope to resolve the individual stars. Up until 1920 the dogma was that it contained all the stars in the universe. At that point Edwin Hubble stepped in with his observation of other galaxies. The width of the Milky way is 200,000 light years across and it contains 400 billion stars, with at least the same number of planets. Statistically, we are not alone. The centre is a black hole called Sagittarius A. Our solar system sits 27,000 light years from the centre, on the inner edge of the Orion Arm. #scienceofthemilkyway #letsmakelemonade

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