I’m just a poor boy

“I’m a musical prostitute my dear…”

Freddie Mercury

I am of an age such that it is not uncommon for my peers and I to sing Bohemian Rhaspody at social functions. We know all the words, we know the guitar solos, but I for one have never understood the lyrics. Here is the best explanation on the internet. It is the story of a boy whose girlfriend left him for another. He kills the guy. Now the gang of that guy is looking for him. He goes and says goodbye to his mother before they can kill him (Mamma just killed a man). The opera part is the gunfight, where the gang mock him as being just a poor boy. They shoot in the air, which is the thunderbolt and lightening. He begs, but they will not let him go. So he kills them all. He celebrates (So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye). But still he knows he will always be a fugitive, who needs to get right out of here. Finally comes his melancholia, as he realises he will never see his mother again. Finally, if you have an iPhone activate Siri, give the command Scaramouche, Scaramouche and see her response. #happymothersday #letsmakelemonade

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