Keeping track of the days

“Be charitable and indulgent to everyone but yourself…”

Joseph Joubert

This majestic Pacific Gull was captured yesterday flying above Henley Beach Jetty. I consider it my contribution to International Birding Day which is the 14th of May. There are a lot of the International or World days of celebration, recognition or remembrance. Last Thursday for instance, was International Nurses Day. Many hospitals served cake for morning tea. The official list for days such as these is maintained and published by UNESCO. I decided to peruse it. The UNESCO list has some highly specific causes, Chagas disease and Pulses (food presumably), caught my eye. The busiest months are in the middle of the year, coinciding with the Northern Summer. Not all days are taken by any means, yet some days such as the 21st of March, have 5 titles listed. Some interests seem to almost overlap, yet still have their own days allocated. Drowning at Sea and the Welfare of Seafarers for example. Important causes may have whole week (eg. Breastfeeding) or indeed a whole month (eg. Breast cancer). Just to be clear, there is no Surgeons Day. However, as several sarcastic theatre nurses told me last week, everyday is Surgeons Day. #july16isfree #letsmakelemonade

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