A truly mammoth pen

“Vanity is as old as the mammoth…”

W L George

Jony Ive has shaped the way our lives look. As head Apple designer for several decades, he has overseen the development of iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and of course the Apple pencil. Recently the Financial Times published a list of his personal daily carry items. It reveals he uses a fountain pen. Not just any pen. Jony wields a one of a kind custom Montegrappe, in a model they call Tusk. The pen community has lost it’s mind yet again. In particular the material used to make his pen. Sterling silver and 70,000 year old mammoth tusk ivory. Yes, real mammoth, mined from the Siberian permafrost. Yes, it’s perfectly legal. No, there are no ethical or ecological issues, mammoths are extinct. The major considerations are scarcity and cost. #dinosaurpen #letsmakelemonade

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