I struggle with this

“Dark green is my favourite colour…”

Leonardo Dicaprio

I often post about my favourite colours to paint with. Usually it is a blue. That is who I am. This however, is Viridian. A swatch from Winsor and Newton to be exact. The actual paint is a less pleasant tone. Viridian is a tertiary colour, blue dominated by green. It’s name comes from the latin for green. First emerging in the 1860s, it is described as the shade of spring green. My confession is I don’t really like to use it. At times I really struggle with the tone of plants, trees and foliage, and it often seems to start when I mix in Viridian. It is too dominant and synthetic for natural, leafy objects. Viridian is often classed as a dark tone of teal, so that may also explain why I dislike it. #canipainttgetreesblue #letsmakelemonade

1 thought on “I struggle with this

  1. Anita Bentley May 22, 2022 — 8:11 am

    You’re not alone, David …… Viridian is a very difficult colour to use! A little goes a long way! A touch of Viridian, in a weak purple mix (ultramarine & alizarin) is quite good for shadows, particularly cast shadows on grass.

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