The detail is in the tiles

“Art is avoidable, design is not…”

Tim Marlow

My wife would have got on well with Jorn Utzon, they both have an obession with selecting the perfect tile for their building projects. Utzon wanted the shells of his Opera House to contrast with the deep blue of the harbour and the clear blue of the sky. The tiles needed to be gloss but not be so mirror-like to cause glare. He found exactly the effect he wanted in Japan. Here he found ceramic bowls with a certain subtle coarseness caused by a granular texture in the clay. Three years of work by Höganäs of Sweden produced what became known as the Sydney Tile, 120mm square, made from clay with a small percentage of crushed stone. The 4228 tile chevrons required to cover the shells were produced in a factory set up on the construction site.. Tiles were placed in one of 26 chevron shaped beds each shaped to match the curve of the shells.  In total, there are 1,056,006 tiles on the roof. #scandojapanesevibe #letsmakelemonade

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