Not all were killed by meteors

“The emperor of all maladies…”

Siddharha Mukherjee

The causes of mortality in humans are lead by vascular disease, infection (especially post 2020), and cancer. In certain ages suicide, trauma and dementia need consideration. Some of these we have made inroads into controlling, but malignancy remains a stubborn enemy. The question of when cancers were identified as a disease entity is uncertain, and really dates to the widespread use of light microscopy. Recently scientists from Alberta Canada have published in Lancet Oncology, a case report of an osteosarcoma in a dinosaur bone. The species is a Centosaurus and lived 76 million years ago. The individual probably died in flood bed and not of cancer. Dinosaurs didn’t live to great ages, which fits with a tumour that develops in immature long bones of the leg. Cancer really has been with us for ages #dinosaurbird #letsmakelemonade

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