A challenge to tradition

“Empty hands can’t draw by themselves…”

Anthony T Hincks

Fountain pen people are often obsessed with minor innovations. Nearly always the latest designs for pen bodies, new materials and ink filling systems are snapped up, excessively reviewed and examined for all possible pros and cons. The interesting thing is that the critical component, the nib, hasn’t really changed in form or function for centuries. Nib blanks are stamped from a sheet of steel or gold, and then folded, cut, tipped and engraved to form the iconic part. Schon Design we have spoken of recently. They are true innovators in this space. They are now about to release a new concept for nibs. The material will be titanium and the nib will be formed by drilling out a solid tube of metal. Centuries of tradition will be gone. We can’t wait. #christmasstockingfiller #letsmakelemonade

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