A very special birthday

“Christmas is about standing heart to heart and hand in hand…”

Dr Seuss

So today we are celebrating a birthday. Attention is likely to be on nativity related scenes, but spare a thought for others. Those with their own birthday today must feel a bit overlooked and neglected. Combined Christmas/birthday present anyone? Fortunately it turns out it doesn’t affect as many people as you would expect. Since 1999 the US Tax Office has noted that Christmas Day is signifcantly the least likely day to have a birthday, compared to all other 364 days. Ignore leap years. Interestingly September is the peak month for births, so December is a peak conception period. Likely a product of increased social activities, relaxed holiday time and increased alcohol consumption. The reason for the lack of Christmas birthdays is more pragmatic. In the US 1/4 of births are medically induced, 1/3 are Caesarean sections. Christmas day is a very unpopular day for these activities. Australia and the UK are presumeably similar. #happybirthdaytoeveryone #letsmakelemonade

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