The Botanical Mondrian

“Once was a parking lot, now its all covered with flowers…”

David Byrne, Talking Heads

Most of us are aware of of Piet Mondrian. Largely this is because his art has escaped galleries, museums and high end art auctions, entering the world of modern design, symbolism and commercial exploitation. We are really only familiar with the abstraction, geometry and primary colours of the works from the last decade of so of his life. The truth is that Mondrian is much more interesting. For the majority of his career he was naturalist painter, often focussing on botanical art. He loved chrysanthemums. A new retrospective exhibition of Piet Mondrian and Hilma af Kint has recently opened at the Tate Modern in UK. Af Klint followed a near identical path from accomplished naturalism to symbolic abstraction. The word on the internet is that the room of Mondrian flowers is completely stealing the show. #worththetriptolondon #letsmakelemonade

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