The bible of anatomy

“Anatomy is to physiology as geography is to history…”

Jean Fernel

A colleague is presenting in the surgical history section of the RACS Annual Scientific Meeting. It is being held here in Adelaide next week. His topic is the local identity Professor Raymond Jack Last. It will be a great talk, but chances are most of you will not be here to hear it. Ray Last was a locally educated surgeon, who found he had a passion for teaching anatomy. I was lucky enough to have met him during my undergraduate years. His iconic textbook Anatomy Regional and Applied was first published in 1954. Now in it’s 9th edition it is still the recommended anatomy text of the RACS. His book is exceptional as it is essentially written in prose, rather than lists and dot points. Illustrations are minimal and carefully chosen. It is like reading a novel, full of history, anecdotes, obscure facts and humour. It is a bit like this blog. #goodluckrandall #letsmakelemonade

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