Sacred ground, sacred times

“Every Champion was a contender that refused to give up…”

Rocky Balboa

As I write this blog my beloved Sturt Football Club is having a bit of a moment. We sit undefeated after 4 rounds of footy, we have sound finances and we have just opened a new grandstand and function facility, which sets a new standard for SANFL clubs. Most importantly, Sturt has a talented, positive and visionary Coach, President and CEO. All of this is an amazing turn around from just over a decade ago when the club was on the brink of collapse. Local sporting clubs are incredibly important. They offer engagement and direct participation in sport that can’t be matched by bigger national sports bodies. These are good times for the Double Blues, but we need to turn up and support our local teams just as much in the lean years. #congratulationsmartyjasonandsue #letsmakelemonade

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