This suburban life

‘Suburbs are where developers bulldoze trees, then name the streets after them…”

Bill Vaughan

So we now have a new home. We only moved a couple of kilometres, to the suburb of Vale Park. Earlier this week Scout and were out and about trying to catch up with the local history. Vale Park was originally known as Hamilton, which I would actually prefer but we are where we are. It was one of the first suburbs in the Colony, and not terribly popular as it was too far from the city. In the 1930s it was renamed Willow Bend, a reference to the River Torrens on the southern boundary. I quite like this name as well. In 1961 it was proclaimed Vale Park. This name comes from the historic property Vale House which we see here. It was home of one of the key early settlers, the Levi Family. Vale house has been restored and is an accomodation option in the surrounding Levi Caravan Park. #downbytheriver #letsmakelemonade

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