What song shall we sing?

“You must sing your National Anthem with all your soul…”

Jose Feliciano

The highlight of the recent RACS Annual Scientific Congress was a stunning rendition of Advance Australia Fair. So why do we sing this song? Advance Australia Fair was composed by Peter Dodd McCormack in 1878. In 1974 it replaced God Save the Queen as the Australian National Anthem, following a following a population wide survey. God Save the Queen was reinstated in 1976, A plebiscite to formally choose a national song in 1977 lead to a somewhat reluctant return of Advance Australia Fair, but not until 1984. Diplomatically, God Save the Queen became the Royal Anthem. In 2021 we all became one and free. My personal choice for anthem would have been The Song of Australia – flushing in the rosy light and all around azure bright. In fact South Australia voted overwhelmingly for this tune, but did not prevail. #ioncewasyoungandfree #letsmakelemonade

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